1-Grab some friends. or not. solo is cool too.
2-Grab some props if you choose.
3-Touch the screen to start
4-Take your photos or video
5-Send goods to social media
6-Grab your print
7-Tag us @bananawhobooth #bananawhobooth to share the love

Our fabulous assistant will arrive 1.5 hours before your event to set up, with our fun, sparkly and wild props in hand. The backdrop of your choice and voila, we'll have it all set up for you in no time. You don't have to worry about a single thing. Our assistant is there with bells and whistles, making sure everything is running smoothly.  

How it works

My name is Jana "Banana" and I am the owner of Banana Who? Booth. My husband Philip just joined me part time and is my co-pilot. My Golden Doodle Floyd there is our world traveler and support during a busy work day too. Well, we wanted to reinvent the idea of photo booths here in the midwest.

Starting at professional photographers, we understand the importance of high quality images and prints alongside a fashionable presence at your event. We provide to you, an experience like no other with the most innovative and rad photo booths in the industry. We have continued to push the envelope and offer some of the best party services for events around the Kansas City area and the midwest.
We guarantee quality, fun and a one-of-a-kind experience. Want us at your wedding, tailgate, corporate event, company picnic, birthday, (fill in the blank)? No problem! Rent our 1975 Airstream trailer, our 1948 "Moby" the open mobile booth, our 1974 VW Bus Booth OR one of our four available Open Air Booths. Or all of the above, that's cool too! 




VW BUS booth





airstream Booth

open trailer Booth




4 available



Social media, text + email sharing
Your choice of backdrop
custom OVERLAYs on gifs

ANIMATED GIFS (+ Boomerang videos add on)
UNLIMITED sessions 

our included Party services

Which booth is right for you?
Well good news, all our booths come with an attendant & run 3 hours (additional hours $250 each).


Slow motion videos + video booths
photography event coverage
light painting

green screen + custom backdrops
brandable booths & trailers

Our Booths

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About & pricing

Behind the Scenes


Open Air retro booths

Go ahead. Fit the whole gang in!

our open air "retro" booths are epic. They are sleek, hip, modern, innovative, one-0f-a-kind (we built them) and can fit almost anywhere.

We have up to four and the booths & printers are brand-able for your events graphics.
Run a slide show on the back or use the screen as a socia media kiosk.
Pair our retro booths with an 8' x 8' backdrop, have us customize something for you or create your own.

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Our 32' long 1975 Airstream photo booth is perfect for outdoor events, or indoor events for large spaces. We can even open the canopy & hang string lights to set the mood.

decorate this beast inside & out, include some lawn furniture & games or even consider eloping or tailgating with the airstream.

We can run off our generators or your venues power outlets.

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In summer of 2019 we found our little tangerine dream. Perfect for our hippie retro mobile units we have going on here.

She is a 1974 vw bus converted into a photo booth! We won't complain.
We can't wait to celebrate with this spunky bus in the months to come.

Our VW Bus is 14'5" long x 5'8" wide and 6'4" tall.

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Moby the Open mobile booth

our 1945 "Moby" the mobile booth is Our show stopper.
This guy is loved let me tell you! 

With the wall dropping down as a stage, the top opening up for marquee letters, floral decor or other creative decor you can think of, this baby will turn heads for miles.

Moby is small. Moby is mighty. And Moby is ready to party ANYWHERE indoor or outdoor. He can squeeze into the smallest of spaces and we can brand this silver bullet with your events graphics.

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Animated GIFS

An animated GIF is a number of images in a single file presented to convey animation. gifs can be looped or boomeranged forward & backward. 

Boomerang works by taking a super short, super fast burst of photos and stitching them together into a mini video that plays forward and backward and forward and backward and—well, you get the idea.


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Graphic Overlays on gifs

Want your branding or graphics from your event to go even further?

We can create a beautiful "overlay" of killer design elements that "lay over" your animated gifs. Ex: your name, event date, hashtag, logos, branding and more.

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Unlimited sessions

You heard right. Unlimited sessions all night long baby. Or day. however long you rent our booths for, we keep the party going. #cantstopwontstop


We will however ask for people to head to the end of the line after their session so we can make some new friends. I mean, we are here to party with you too and don't want to leave any of the other guests out of the fun.

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sharing options

We have options to email, facebook & text your photos to you from your session right away. I mean, if you're in the boonies then just relax, they'll get there soon enough. We can't do much about your parties in no-mans-land.

We also create a folder on our Facebook page @BananaWhoBooth your guests have the option of sharing their images too right away.

All under our own wifi hot spot.

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Backdrops galore

We have tons of included backdrops, you can upgrade to Sweet & Simple Backdrops or better yet, we can custom build you incredibly themed backdrops under aka, the Cream Filling. The sky is the limit with Banana Who? Booth.

Everything of ours is brand-able from backdrops, to our booths to our props. This is a great way to show off your own company or events branding.

Check out these beauties along with some ideas below.

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Prints - (4) 2x6 or (2) 4x6

Have your nifty designer create a template to match your event or choose from one of our pre-made templates below.

Have a monogram, graphics or branding you want on your print outs? No problem.
We can help you too. #wewearmanyhats

Choose from (4) 2x6 or (2) 4x6 print outs per session.
Unlimited printing per event is totally do-able & is an add on item.

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We have a reversible green screen & blue screen. You can use one or rent two photo booths for both sides. This is great for events that want to have loads of awesome backdrops to choose from.

There is no limit. Go ahead, enjoy 25+ backdrops for your one event.

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painting with light is an experience like no other.

 We can set up our black out tent fully enclosed on all four sides, or we can leave one side open so your guests can have a good laugh while watching everyone "paint." Your guests will take our magic light wands, their phones, or anything that projects light and write or draw what they want.

Light painting works best under very little ambient light.

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Event photography

Do you need your event documented in another fun way? We've got professional event photographers also and would love to chat about documenting your special occasion.

Dude, we are a double dose of awesome didn't you know!?

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Slow motion booth

slooow waaaay doooown and truly celebrate your event with all your guest on slow motion video. The booth becomes a total social media sharing kiosk, able to email, text or share on social media right away.

We take a 3-5 second video, slow it way down and create your 8-10 second videos. We can even add music to it with an appropriate music license.