Megan + Marcus | Historic Taylor Barn

Congratulations to the most lovely Megan + Marcus. One of my FAVORITE weddings/events the Banana Who? Booth has ever been at. We LOVE this “Cream Filling Backdrop” that’s also now a “Gently Used Backdrop” for a $50 upgrade. Easy peasy! See their whole gallery and purchase super duper affordable prints, canvas and float wraps here. Download the images complimentary for TWO WEEKS, here.TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-Photobooth-048Historic Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City eventsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City eventsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsTaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-007Historic Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City eventsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsTaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-009Historic Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsTaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-017TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-016TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-006TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-004TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-019TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-018

Congratulations to the most lovely Megan + Marcus. One of my FAVORITE weddings/events the Banana Who? Booth has ever been at. We LOVE this “Cream Filling Backdrop” that’s also now a “Gently Used Backdrop” for a $50 upgrade. Easy peasy! See their whole gallery and purchase super duper affordable prints, canvas and float wraps here. Download the images complimentary for TWO WEEKS, here.TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-Photobooth-048Historic Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City eventsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City eventsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsTaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-007Historic Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City eventsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsHistoric Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsTaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-009Historic Taylor Barn, Banana Who Booth, Jana Marler, Megan & Marcus, Hook wedding, Kansas City events, Best PhotoboothsTaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-017TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-016TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-006TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-004TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-019TaylorBarn-KC-Weddings-018


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